About Us

about us

Feltham Removals is a Reputed Service in Town

At Feltham Removals, we always strive to be at our best. Our team has the experience to deliver the best results. Besides, we have a handpicked team of highly efficient men. All our men must go through detailed background screening. We never take chances!
This is because removals work requires reliable men. Often, we may have to transport things worth thousands! We remain accountable to avoid the slightest damage to anything. The trust of homeowners is our biggest asset. So, we always insist on offering stress-free removals work.
The circumstances of removals may or may not be pleasant. People often relocate to adjust to money problems. Also, relationship issues may cause you to change houses. No matter what, we focus on completing the job efficiently. Our men can handle any removals job. We are experts at house moving. But, we also conduct office transfer and international moving.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see that property owners always find us reliable. Therefore, we place great attention on doing the job well. We prioritise maintaining our fleet of vans in the best conditions. In addition, a team of efficient mechanics is always on standby to make the vans battle-ready.
Our experts regularly check the vehicles to avoid any risk of bumpy rides. We check everything from the tire pressure to brakes, transmission, and engine troubles. Feltham Removals never take chances to avoid getting stuck midway. This is especially important for same-day and international removals jobs.
In addition, we train our drivers in defensive driving. Moreover, our men avoid rough turns and over-speeding. These steps ensure that there is no risk to your belongings in the cargo hold.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the topmost removals service in the town. We want to be that company which anyone would gladly recommend. Therefore, we always focus on delivering a stress-free experience. Besides, we would always offer you a feasible quote based on an assessment of your unique requirements. Feltham Removals would never overcharge.
We have the best quotes, be it a home moving job or office relocation. Also, we are fully accountable for the safe moving of your belongings. You would receive a transparent breakdown of the costs, down to the smallest details. We place great importance on all aspects of the job. Plus, our packers have the experience to safeguard fragile items. In addition, we make it a point to use the best packing materials.
We never compromise on using an ample supply of bubble wrap and foam sheets for fragile items. Also, we would never misplace any of your items. Our packers put everything in neatly labeled boxes. The lists are attached to the respective boxes. Finally, we prepare a master list. We would retain a copy of this master list. Finally, we check all the boxes in the list during unpacking. Our job is only over when you confirm that all your belongings are safe.

Same-day man and van services

We also offer same-day man and van services. Often, homeowners give us a call in desperate need. Maybe, it’s an incident of an electrical fire in the living room! You want a safe place to keep your things. It can also involve having an urgent eviction notice from the landlord. Offices may receive a foreclosure notice from the bank. This can prompt an urgent removals requirement.
In any case, Feltham Removals is always available with same-day man and van services. If you need us to handle the packing job, let us know in advance.

International relocation covered

We cover international relocation from Feltham to anywhere. The town has a considerable Asian and African demographic. Our team often receives global moving requests to Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Bangladesh and other places. We are licnsed members of the BAR (British Association of Removers). So, this association allows us access to an international network of packers and movers. In effect, we can easily work out these channels and ensure that your things reach their new home.
Besides, Feltham Removals can also arrange the necessary permits on both sides of the border. Our experts will see that your goods have ship cargo carry, railroad travel, and air freight licenses. In addition, you will need us to arrange customs clearance in foreign locations. Furthermore, we can also arrange temporary storage in international relocation. Let us know your requirements, and we will always provide a feasible quote.