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Office Movers

Got Relocations to Manage?Hire the Best Office Removal Company Feltham

If you are shifting to a new workspace and have essentials to be relocated, you must seek help from a professional office removal company Feltham like us. We are a team of expert packers and movers, and we have experience in managing relocations for businesses with different operations. Besides, from logistics to the overall infrastructure, we are the best in business in all aspects.
We are here to help you so that your production hours and revenue inflow do not get hampered. In other words, we do not want you to remain busy in managing the packing and moving jobs leaving your regular business chores. At the same time, as the best office movers Feltham, we work on a round the clock basis. So, you can even book night slots, and weekend slots or schedule the relocation work when your business operations are not going on.

Why Choose Us as the Best Office Moving Company Feltham?

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we follow a meticulous and transparent process of work to achieve that. Besides, we strictly follow a zero-damage relocation policy.

We have Well-trained Crew Members

Our team members are trained, certified and licensed to manage commercial relocations. Commercial relocations are different from usual house relocation jobs, and they often involve dealing with chemicals
and IT essentials. We know how to do it without causing damage to any person, your essentials or the property.

We Follow a Customised Plan of Action

We are an experienced and insured company. We understand that each office moving service Feltham is different and hence we make a customised plan and work according to that.

We Conduct Pre-Move Surveys to Understand the Scope of Work

To make a customised plan, we arrange pre-move surveys. We can arrange physical or virtual surveys based on customers’ preferences.

Our Charges are Affordable and Requirement-Specific

We also tailor the budget based on the scale and challenges of a specific relocation job. Our charges include insurance coverage, and there will be no surprise/hidden charges. We will stick to the budget, mutually agreed-upon in the beginning. We will keep you informed if we need to make some additions to the fees because of last-minute changes in the plan.

You will Have a Coordinator to Take Care of the Task from Start to Finish

From small-scale office furniture relocation services Feltham to big-scale commercial relocations, you will have a coordinator who will supervise the work.

Our Commercial Relocation Feltham Services

The safety of your essentials is our responsibility. So, we use only the finest materials like cartons, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, paper balls, foam sheets, etc., for packing. Besides, we make sure that each box is sealed and labelled properly. Further, for delicate IT and electronic essentials and other fragile items, we customise the casings and add extra padding. Also, you will have a master list so that you can be sure that every item is relocated properly and on time.
Once all the items are packed, we upload them into our vans. Our vans have fastening belts, and safety blankets/mattresses to protect the essentials. Further, you can check the movement of your essentials in transit because our vans have built-in GPS. Also, the coordinator assigned for you will keep you connected to the drivers so that the plan is executed properly.
Our van drivers are experienced, and they ensure that all the essentials are relocated safely to their destination. Then, we unload the items with the utmost caution and carefully unpack them. Do not feel stressed in case your new office is smaller or bigger than the previous one. We will plan the relocation job according to the floor plan of your new office.

We are Just a Phone Call Away

If you want to hire us as your relocation partner, all you need to do is give us a call. You can also send us emails and share your details once we revert. Further, we have 24*7 customer service for attending to your concerns and queries. Moreover, we can help you with a free assessment of your quote so that you make the decisions regarding taking things forward.

We Also Offer International Relocation Services

You can also hire us if you are at the helm of a big international corporation that needs professional relocations assistance. With years of endeavour, we have been able to build a vast network and the best infrastructure for managing international office relocations. Further, we are aware of the challenges and have updated knowledge about the security standards.